Moving High Temperature Chemical Catalyst

Overview / Challenge

A chemical company contacted Carrier Vibrating Equipment for help designing a system to transport an extremely high temperature chemical catalyst immediately after it had been processed in a rotary calciner. With the extremely high-temperature product, the customer needed a solution that would safely and efficiently convey the catalyst. Cleanability and space were also at the forefront of the conversation.


  • Transport 1,500°F high-temperature chemical catalyst
  • Eliminate product cross-contamination
  • Employee safety
  • Must fit in a small footprint
  • Easily cleaned


Carrier Vibrating Equipment recommended installing two vibratory spiral elevators to meet the customer’s requirements. Each vibrating spiral elevator was designed with 4” sidewalls and enclosed in a stationary metal shroud for additional operational safety. Spiral elevators conveyed the catalyst upward while cooling to a safe temperature. Read the entire case study by downloading below.

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