Carrier Process Equipment Group, Inc. (CPEG) offers customers a comprehensive line of bulk material handling and processing equipment including:

  • mixers & blenders
  • conveyors
  • size reduction equipment
  • separators
  • dryers
  • coolers
  • thermal processing solutions
  • calciners

With over 100 years of combined experience and production facilities on three continents, CPEG companies are proven market leaders. We offer unmatched lab testing capabilities and engineers ready to solve the most-challenging process problems. CPEG companies include Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc., with headquarters in Louisville, KY, New York-based S. Howes LLC, and Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing in Carnegie, PA.

All CPEG companies are 100% employee-owned and proud to offer high-quality equipment and superior customer service.

Custom Process Machinery

All Carrier Vibrating Equipment machinery is custom-designed to meet customer requirements. From initial design to performance testing to final installation, you can rely on Carrier to make your work flow.

Dryers & Coolers

We offer a full range of drying and cooling equipment for foundry and processing applications. From fluid bed dryers and coolers to sand coolers to tornesh dryers, we can customize a solution for virtually any material.

Split-Tube Conveyor

Mechanically convey dry, free flowing and sluggish materials with ease of cleaning without tools.

Feeders, Conveyors & Screeners

Carrier offers a full line of solutions to move, elevate and process material. We can create an all-in-one solution for your installation.

Shakeouts & Lump Breakers

From attrition mills to Barrel Horse™ shakeouts, Carrier has the solution to process sand, castings, lumps and more. Our patented Delta-Phase® shakeouts allow for precise control and adjustments even when in use.

Thermal Conveyor

Indirect heat transfer is accomplished through contact with an external jacket (bolt-on or integral), and/or through the transfer auger itself. The material is heated or cooled while being transferred down the length of the conveyor.

Continuous Mixer

Paddle Mixers (pug mills) provide continuous, uniform mixing of liquids and dry ingredients.

Batch Mixers

Versatile for almost all industries, our batch mixers are available in a Mixall, Sanimix or Powermix design, all capable of providing years of low maintenance mixing. Mixing is accomplished using either S. Howes’ original double ribbon or adjustable paddle agitator.

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