Durable Loading Spouts Stand Up to Salt Air in Cayman Islands

Overview / Challenge

National Cement in Georgetown, Cayman Islands was experiencing downtime unloading the country’s portland cement from ships at port. Constant exposure to salt air makes the application tough.


  • Handle up to 50 TPH of green sand & castings
  • Efficiently break down sand lumps
  • Improve casting quality
  • Reduce cleaning issues
  • Reduce workflow disruptions and unnecessary repairs to equipment


Carrier Vibrating Equipment recommended installing a vibrating mold dump conveyor that fed directly to a blank deck shakeout to perform an initial lump breakdown. The quality of the castings was addressed with the addition of a separate conveyor that gently moved the castings to Carrier’s patented Delta-Phase® shakeout where scalping helped remove final nuisance carry over sand to a lower counterflow pan.

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